Aaps Agreement Ubc

Subject to this agreement and the « Conditions of Employment » agreement, the University undertakes not to change the rights or practices of members of the bargaining unit that have traditionally been the subject of consultations and discussions without proper consultation and discussion with AAPS. All active members, including those currently on leave, have the right to vote. If you have personal contact with a colleague on leave, please inform them of the ratification vote. You can access the information on our website at www.aaps.ubc.ca or by email at the AAPS Office. 7.1 Type of negotiation relationships Negotiating relationships are governed by the principles of a common vision contained in the preamble to this agreement. One of the negotiating objectives of both parties is to reach an agreement that is intelligent, effective and improved, or at least does not undermine relations between the parties. Among the characteristics that guide the negotiations are: 7.7.2 The DefinitionA complaint is an assertion by AAPS or the university that there is a breach of the collective agreement. Recognizing the importance of making timely decisions for the proper functioning of the university and bereaved persons, the parties will endeavour to set conciliation dates as soon as possible. The arbitrator will make his decision within 14 days of the end of the hearing. The arbitrator`s decision is final and involves the parties. No arbitrator can amend a provision of collective agreements. 7.4.5 (A) Recommendations of the OmbudsmanIn case the Ombudsman fails to assist the parties in reaching an agreement, he makes written recommendations to the parties on the resolution.

The Ombudsman examines the financial situation of the university in the implementation of its recommendations. These recommendations are not binding on the parties. They are submitted to the AAPS for ratification and to the university for approval. 7.4.1 (A) GeneralItiesThe parties want a negotiated agreement and negotiate in good faith. If, after a reasonable period of time, one of the parties finds that an agreement on compensation issues is not reached without assistance, the mechanism described in this section is available to assist the parties in attempting to reach such an agreement.

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